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Setting up .MID files to play in Windows 9x

You may want to save this page locally (see your browser’s [usually File] menu) and/or print it for later reference. I disclaim responsibility for you trying any of the procedures described herein. If you don’t feel competent to carry them out, have a specialist help you!

.MID files are normally set up in the registry ( click for instructions to attempt restoration of a damaged registry) to play with the Media Player. Check this by following this procedure (advanced instructions):
Many changes won’t take effect until you restart Windows.
TIP: Restarting Windows 9x doesn’t require a complete reboot (a cold start). Just press Ctrl+Esc and select Shutdown {Alt-U}, then select “Restart the computer” with the left shift button held down. The computer will shut down Windows and say “Restarting Windows,”, which takes a bit less time than a cold start.

Note that I’m not familiar with Windows ME’s, NT’s, or XP’s handling of MIDI, so you’re on your own there.