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Using Corel® Presentations 14.0, We can create great presentations without your having to have that program itself (you get a runtime module). It can also save to MS PowerPoint format.

But, presentations can often be done just as — if not more — productively with HTML, if your presentations system has Mo­zil­la® Firefox, In­ter­net Ex­plor­er (MSIE), or another such HTML reader. Either way, there are all sorts of creative ways of making dynamite presentations to teach, sell your ideas or products, etc. File-system size can often be much more economical with HTML, and run faster.

We do not deal with patently pornographic or offensive material, and reserve the right to refuse any job that is found to be objectionable; but that should be a rare case. Use common sense.

We charge

We do money-back guaranteed work.
If you don’t like what we’ve done, you will owe nothing.
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