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We use a rather unusual program for notation work: Corel® Presentations™ 14.0,
saving to

Don’t let that deter you:  We get very high qual­ity, and then save it to a 600 DPI file that will com­press very well and print out as clean­ly as you could pos­sib­ly want. Be­cause we use a graphics pro­gram for the no­ta­tion, we can cre­ate any kind of struc­ture you want, in­clu­ding spec­ial sym­bols and cus­tom no­ta­tion for av­ant-​garde mu­sic. You can ex­am­ine examples of our work here (clicking on any of the linked works’ titles will show you a variety of notational techniques, and use Zoom to see details, if your browser supports this. The preceding link will spawn a new window or tab. Close that to continue here.).

Our custom notational symbols (clefs, accidentals, time signatures, slurs/ties, etc. — most are filled bezier curves) are much better looking than what we’ve seen in other programs.

We’re also expert at modern notational techniques (a BMI SCA winner ’73/’74 is here) such as clus­ters, quar­ter- and mi­cro­tones, pro­por­tion­al no­tat­ion, cus­tom sym­bols, poly­me­ter, poly­rhythm, etc. — much of which of­ten isn’t ade­quate­ly sup­por­ted by con­ven­tion­al no­ta­tion pro­grams.

Because we use a graphical, rather than a fixed-in-stone no­ta­tion program, the flexibility is much greater. The no­ta­tion­al pre­cis­ion is as great as can be achieved by met­ic­ul­ous hand work. Click this to spawn a window to see the open­ing bars of the “Aria” from Bach’s “Gold­berg” var­ia­tions (a screen-​reso­lu­tion [96DPI] ex­am­ple), and close that to con­tin­ue here.

Our fee schedule is the same as for MIDI work: $30 [Green=non-profits’ rate of $20]/hour for simple work ($15 minimum) and $50 [34]/hr. for more complex scores.

Remember:  We do money-back guaranteed work.
If you don’t like what we’ve done, you will owe nothing.
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