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Do you have a .PCX, .BMP, .PNG, .WPG, .GIF, .JPG, etc., graphic you’d like “tuned”:

  • contrast or colors adjusted;
  • garbage cleaned up in the bitmap;
  • cropped,
  • converted to another format, etc.?
  • A bar- or pie chart created?
  • Items scanned to a file, then the latter tweaked?
  • Multiple images combined into a .GIF animation?

We have various programs such as Adobe® Photoshop Elements, LView Pro® and Corel® Presentations that we can do such graphic “tweaking” with.

We can also autotrace bitmaps to .WPG vector format, and do many other in­no­va­tive graph­ic­al man­ipu­la­tions.

Prices vary, but generally work out to about $30 [Green=non-profits’ rate: 20]/hr. There’s a $6.00 (=12') minimum to cover baseline costs. For example, if you have a 1024×768-pixel, 256-color bitmap from a scan that you want debris cleaned out of the white areas, that can take a lot of time; but if that’s an heirloom photograph, it might be worth the $90[60] for three hours’ work to you.

If you have something you’d like formatted into a .BMP for your Windows desktop wallpaper, an icon made, a conversion done and optimized, etc., that’s generally a quick $3 job that’ll be back in your E-Mail box within the hour!

We do not accept work on patently pornographic or offensive material, and reserve the right to refuse any job that we find objectionable; but that should be a rare case if you use common sense.

We do money-back guaranteed work.
If you don’t like what we’ve done, you will owe nothing.
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