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Feel “lost” as a small computer user?
Intimidated by obscure operating-system functions?
Need reasonably-priced training help to increase
efficiency, productivity, and stability?

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Most people are intimidated by the computers they use, and —
yes, they are arcane and complex;
but your own brain is vastly more complex and powerful
than your computer.
The difference is that the latter’s impulses travel
nearly at the speed of light (186,000 mi./ or 300,000 km./sec.),
but your brain’s only at a few yards/ or meters/sec.
So, why are you so intimidated and mystified by it
when you need to use its power?
It’s a lot like going to the doctor:
You don’t know the jargon and the paradigms
built into the system.
As in medicine, certain things are best left to the trained expert, but administering computer “aspirin,” “taking its temperature,” using “ipecac” to stimulate vomiting if a poison’s been taken...
…all these things we can train you to do yourself,
to keep your system running
smoothly, reliably, and productively.
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