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This system you’re using shows what we can do! Our acquired expertise has equipped us exceptionally well to create well-thought-out hierarchical systems. The secret to good CBT (and an Internet site is really a special case of a computer-based training system) is intelligent interlinks and clear functional structure.

Rates: $20 [Green = non-profits’ rate: 13.50]/hr. for simple coding ($30[20]/hr. for more complex work because of the time-intensive testing it requires) + $1.00 per pre-submitted graphic.

If we have to convert .BMPs to .GIF or .JPG format, that's $2.50 extra per graphic.

If you want us to create custom icons (such as the ORDER NOW! icon below created in Corel Presentations), additional costs as per the graphics fees schedule apply, if greater.

We do JavaScript (we do not do Java as yet) and CSS2 coding per the programming fees schedule: ($30[20]/ $40[27]/ $50[33.50]/hr.,depending on complexity). See the other schedules for a refresher, if you need to (Back : Computer-tech services or Back : Graphics).

If you send what you want coded into HTML in a word-processor format (e.g. WordPerfect, WordPad, Write, Word, etc.) we’ll get a much better idea of what you want it to look like. Please specify the format in the E-Mail.

* * * SPECIAL OFFER! * * *

If you’re a new customer, we’ll create a simple Web page for you at no charge:

You can also request any of the graphics you see in this system, for free.

Background colors or graphics are nice, but we usually recommend omitting the former because people can (and often do) override them from within their browsers’ Preferences dialog; but if you want these, you can have them. Merely specify what color you'd like. If you can, provide RGB values; otherwise, give a color name (e.g., “pistachio green”), and we’ll do our best to oblige, but you’ll have to live with it (remember, it’s free!). Keep background colors light and background graphics light-textured, so they don’t distract surfers from your message.

We do money-back guaranteed work.
If you don’t like what we’ve done, you will owe nothing.

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