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We’re WordPerfect experts since 1988 (starting with 5.0 DOS, now up to WPWin 14.0 — X4). Few realize it, but you can almost anything with WP you can do with more unwieldy DTP packages like Page​Maker or Ventura. We’re experts at formatting (styles, graphics equations (spawned window)  — including all types of highly technical writing such as for the sciences, medicine, math, and engineering; legal work; mail-merging address lists for organizations, etc.). Spell-checking and proofreading is included.

We type at an average of 60 WPM — it depends on content, also save to Word® format; and some other, rarer formats are available on special order.

We’re particularly expert at producing fliers, pamphlets, and booklets.

Rates: (remember— 33% off these rates for non-profits.)

The much higher (2.5×) cost for the last service category covers the occasionally extremely labor-intensive tweaking sometimes necessary. We have a wide variety FONTS available (sample sent on request, or click on the preceding link to see, but remember to close that window to continue here).

We have deep-level experience producing pamphlets, fliers, and programs in booklet form, and can FedEx the work to you quickly (they’re one block away, and UPS or US Mail are available also). Our in-house printers support

or we can provide you with files (e.g., PostScript) for the printer you specify, to print locally, with instructions for this.

We do money-back guaranteed work.
If you don’t like what we’ve done, you will owe nothing.
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