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(extensions’ is always 3).

If running an O/S like DOS or Windows 3.x
that doesn’t support long file names (LFNs),
you will have problems.
It’s impossible to use short names for files always,
and not have some be so cryptic as to be undecipherable.
Such O/Ses may generate non-unique 8.3-format names on download,
or errors.  If this inconveniences you, we apologize.
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→ LDS hymn .MP3s & .MIDs ←
↓ classical music organized by composer ↓,
with J.S. Bach at the top by himself.

Click on a composer’s name for a menu. From there, to submenus (e.g., preludes & fugues, sonatas, concerti, etc.). Menus for composers’ names that are greyed out are under construction, or pending. They’ll turn into full-fledged links as material becomes available.

You can use submenus to find pieces by that composer. Some pieces will have a (try it!)  hyperlink icon which, when clicked on, will allow you to play a short section of that piece (an “earlobe” — the audio equivalent of a “thumbnail”). If you see music notation appear in a window, you have JavaScript active and can click on the music to hear the “earlobe”; otherwise the “earlobe” music will play automatically if your browser’s MIDI audio capabilities are set up correctly.

Note that your system must be set up to play .MID files for this to work: If it isn’t, you will hear nothing, or get an error from your browser or operating system. We can’t help you with that beyond the help page (except via our services section). Consult your documentation or get on-site help from a technician.

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Di Lassus Dufaÿ Frescobaldi G. Gabrieli Handel
Haydn Mendelssohn Mozart Ockeghem Pachelbel
Palestrina Scheidt Skjeveland
MIDI / Scores
Sousa J.G. Walther
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